The old grey mouse found shelter
After running helter-skelter
Trying desperately to get out of the rain
He found his own umbrella
He was such a lucky fella
T'was a mushroom he'd used before and found again

He sat huddled, contemplating
While in the rain he sat waiting
He thought of all the times he had escaped harm
From foolish actions on his part
When he was young and not so smart
He wondered what had been his good luck charm

The rain continued coming down
He sat there thinking with a frown
About the times that he had tempted fate
By sneaking up on that baited trap
To grab that cheese before the SNAP!
Of that loaded spring, then laughed gaily while he ate.

He knew his luck would hit its peak
The rain had stopped, he gave a squeak
Throwing caution to the wind he took off like a gale
But a cat was watching with zeal
Knowing this was his next meal
And all that was left under the mushroom was the tail

~ susi Taylor ( ~

Photograph of mushroom by Paul (

ŠAugust 2004

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